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Flappy Bird is an amazing game with various elements of surprise that catch the player off guard.

Not only does the bird have to remain off the ground, but it also has to avoid the evil not-from-Mario pipes coming from the ground and sky. This bird is not capable of flying in a straight line like most birds; instead it is forced to flap up and down ungracefully while going forward. It is a frustrating way to control an infinite obstacle course, but many users still find themselves coming back to play the game despite nearly throwing the phone at the wall.





Some players play for months and still can’t get over a score of 10, while other players quickly find a groove and start getting scores over 50 while making spectators jealous. There are no new rewards over 50, so some players will assume they completed the game and stop playing, but others continue to play aiming for 100, or 200, or sometimes going for the big 1000. The amount of focus required to play for that long is intense, and training to get there will end up at the same game over screen with your highest score.





Flappy bird is a simple game that pulls users in by taking advantage of shared frustration over social media. Although there is nothing special about it, the game still found away to become one of the most popular game apps released in a short amount of time.

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