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With the new release of Destiny’s expansion, House of Wolfs we have seen a few changes that have happened with the game. Will the addition of Prison of elders and Trials of Osiris we have seen a few major changes in how the game is now played.

We can see that when the new expansion released that a lot more player have come back to the game of Destiny. With the game now averaging about 20 million users playing about 3 hours a day. This is a large increase from the 16 million that they had on the January 5th. Like I have stated above there are few big changes. This first thing that i want to draw attention to is the lack of upgrade materials that are needed to upgrade your gear. Before hand players would have to farm materials to upgrade weapons and armor in order to get anywhere in the game. Now that the game has changed we see player returning because of the change that we don’t need to farm materials to upgrade our gear. They will come fully upgraded in the way of damage but, we can still upgrade what weapons do. For example you can still get different sights for weapons and change that they will fire in full auto instead of semi automatic.

Another big change that we have seen in Destiny is that the release did not feature a new raid. This is a big change with the game coming out with one and  the last DLC that was released (darkness below) featuring one. Instead of the raid we see a new game mode called Prison of Elders. Like in gears of war horde mode, Bungie and Acti-Vision have added in a new way to get further in the game. It consists of 5 rounds that will have their own independent modifiers. Be it a benefit to you or a deprecation to you. Some rounds will have bosses that you need to defeat in order to advance or an objective that needs to be completed in order to succeed. After the 5 rounds you get to go the the treasure room that will contain either rare or exotic gear and some extra little goodies. The Prison of Elders will have a few different levels ranging from level 28 all the way up to 35.

The last big change that happened to the world of destiny effects the wonderful PvP community and that is the addition of The Trials of Osiris. This is a new PvP mode that disabled the level curve in the game. where all of your gear and level was somewhat “normalized” in this new mode all of your gear will play a role in how the match goes. If you have better gear and are a higher level you will be at an advantage. The way that this mode works is that you will get a passage coin that records your record when playing. You can win a max of 9 times and clear the trial. If you lose 3 games then you will be removed from the trials. At certain win intervals of 2,3,5,6,7,8, and 9 wins. If you win 9 games in a row without a loss you will get sent to the lighthouse of Osiris. This will contain a few extra goodies on top of your regular rewards.

All of what was discussed above are the news changes to destiny. They all may be little changes to the game but they impact how the game is played in a big way. We can see easily that players can now choose how they want to play the game and not be guided like in the original game and the last DLC.

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